Automate Every Step of Your Business to Operate on Auto-Pilot

How much time do you spend sifting through e-mail and keeping in touch with prospects, customers and affiliates, trying to keep each list separate and sending them the information they request and require to move forward in the sales process?

If you're serious about sending your business to the next level and want time to concentrate on the most important part of the internet marketing process-creating marketable products-then you need to automate everything else.

Luckily, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. There are several great systems out there that turn your marketing and lead generation into automated cash machines. For example, auto-responders can be set up to respond to e-mail queries and send out free e-reports, e-books, and links to people who request them.

This involves a simple series of steps that pushes a person from a lead to a prospect (once they've asked for information) and then on to an active customer (once they've purchased) a referral giant (once they start talking and sending new customers your way.)

You can even automate sending out books, DVD's and newsletter subscriptions by outsourcing the work to a fulfillment house. Collecting the money can be done through a merchant account, so that-with a few simple clicks of a button each morning-your business runs on auto-pilot.

Every step of the process can be automated leaving you, the business owner, free to develop new products and new ways to assist your customers with achieving their goals, hopes and dreams. Automation puts you in control of your business rather than letting your business control you.

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Source by Llewelyn James