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But what is exactly Profit Canvas?

It is believed that online businesses require huge experience.

But actually experience is not the main important thing, but the technique is. Nowadays, there is no need to have own product to start a business. Similarly, you don’t have to use own websites, email lists, or hosting facilities to start earning money from online. All you need to have is Profit Canvas Software Suite. This suite offers everything one may need to start an online business. Here is what you will get:

Amazing Page Builder

Normally, we purchase a separate tool for generating pages or we depend on professionals for this task. Profit Canvas offers very impressive page builder which can generate all kinds of pages. Some of those are sales pages, webinar replay, download pages, affiliate promo, and squeeze pages etc. Generating those pages is not the only important task. Proper conversion boosting contents must be there. You can do that with this software suite too. It helps to add various types of countdown timers, autoresponders, web forms, videos, and graphics on every page. Profit Canvas offers drag and drop facility for page building. 

Create Popups & Videos

It is the fact that, nowadays popups and videos are converting more than other types of contents do. For this reason, Profit Canvas offers 25 different popup templates.     These are easily customizable and fast. A top quality popup builder is also added to this solution. To generate videos, you don’t have to depend on any third party tools. This suite has very powerful video creator to generate different kinds of videos. Pop-ups are a great way to capture leads or engage visitors on your website. All you need to do is enter the website for which you want to create the pop-up.       Some more of the eye-catching pop-up up templates                      

But The Most valuable Feature is  the training that is provided

Well, the exhaustive pieces of training offered by this platform are truly a treat. You will get detailed insight about earning affiliate commissions. The training will also help you build a solid foundation in the field of internet marketing so that you can learn how to earn money either thru affiliate marketing or thru launching your own products. To make things simpler for you, Profit Canvas will walk you through an entire campaign. At the end of the training, you will already have an in-depth knowledge about the ins and outs of internet marketing, as well as on how internet marketing works and how to start your own online venture the right way. Building the email list is also one tedious task but this platform will make it easy for you. One of the training will guide you how you can build the email list for less than $0.25 for every subscriber and also monetize it. To give you an inside scoop, below is the list of all the training available when you get Profit Canvas:

Main Training 01: General Training

Building a listing machine How to build squeeze pages that actually convert Bonus page example Webinar basics List Building with Facebook Why use bonus pages

Main Training 02: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Intro Domain Name Making our Website Themes and Plugins Finding Products to Promote Writing Product Reviews

Main Training 03: Ranking Training

Intro / Common Myths Picking Keywords Correct Content Using Social Media Google Dark Secrets Wrap Up / Key Points

Main Training 04: Product Creation

Why Launch Products How To Get Product Ideas Setting Your Price Hiring A Freelancer Getting Products For Free Why Upsells? How To Attract Affiliates Doing WSO’s The Sales Page Final Thoughts  

Reseller Rights To Some High-Quality WordPress Plugins

Now we’re talking!

Profit Canvas also offers you reseller rights to four products. These products include Click Bar, FB Pixel Insert, Jack Jacker Gold and Support Chat. When you talk about the Click Bar, then it comes with two versions one is standard and one is Gold. It is actually a WordPress plugin that enables you to put the scarcity bar with the Buy now Button. The standard version works well to be given away for free. The Gold Version is an ideal option to upsell on the free version.       Jack Jacker Gold is the upgraded version of Jack Jacker. This plugin allows you to jack almost any web pages, put it on your website and put an advertisement on it.      

See JackJacker In Action!!


                                                                             FB Pixel Insert is also bound to do you good.

It permits you to quickly and easily add your Facebook targeting pixel to each post on your WordPress site. Well, this plugin allows you to place banners and links to different websites. You can use it as a perfect lead magnet as well.     The Support Chat is an essential element of any website. The support chat feature offered by Profit Canvas makes things pretty easy for you because it allows you to put the chat box on any website without any problem. We will include as a bonus inside the member’s area some more sweet plugins like Mobile Optimize Pro The ONLY WordPress Plugin Guaranteed To Satisfy Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool   Mobile Optimize Pro Will: Instantly create a Google-approved mobile-friendly version of your website with one click of your mouse.

Here is getting even cooler: It comes in 5 parts, the main plugin, and 4 helper themes.

TIP: If you sell this plugin, sell it with just 1 theme, then use the other 3 themes for an OTO / Upsell

How much does Profit Canvas Cost?

Currently, Profit Canvas has three different pricing plans. You can either opt for monthly, yearly, or lifetime-access. If you decide to go with the monthly plan, then you will have to shell out $67 per month.

If you decide to go for per year program, then you will have to pay $297 per year.

For a lifetime license, you will have to pay a whopping $497!Dude are you kidding me (courtesy of @Pinstamatic

That’s actually a bit outrageous, though if you consider

all the tools and training that you will be getting

it’s still worth it



  As an authorized White Label Agency License owners, we are allowed to sell Profit Canvas for ANY price we want!! Hell Yeah!

And you know what? Christmas is coming!

Let’s make some good here


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