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Most of them are free to use,
but there will be also some products/ services
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This means that we will receive a small amount of money
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We are searching the net for valuable information, saving time for our visitors, because often the time is the only resource available especially if you are a beginner.


But that’s not all!

You can start immediately by checking the RESOURCE page

and download those 4 awesome software tools that you can use

yourself or sell to your clients or use them as an

incentive to build your email list.


By the way, those are free!

Just let me tell you very quickly what’s all about:

ClickBar a WordPress plugin that enables you to put the scarcity bar with the Buy now Button.

Facebook Pixel insert It permits you to quickly and easily add your Facebook targeting pixel to each post on your WordPress site.


Jack Jacker –  This plugin allows you to jack almost any web pages, put it on your website and put an advertisement on it.


Support Chat – an essential element those days! Let’s you quickly put an interactive live chat box on any WordPress site.


Still here? Good.    

Let us continue with the “About” thing.

You see, most of the people are haunted by the perception that it is impossible to make money online.

Well, this is not exactly true!

Starting an online business is not a difficult task anymore. So many ways have been invented for doing that.

But if you want to see real results, then careful steps should be taken.

You got to take it seriously because it is what it sounds- a business!

Not a joke.

The most important step is to familiarize yourself with some basics BEFORE you start anything else!

A most common mistake, for example, is to try to make everything alone!

Like John Rampton in his article for Forbes.com

10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting Online


“Just because it’s your business doesn’t mean that you have to do everything alone. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible that you will be able to get your business online all by yourself. Between the time, various skills and stress involved, you will have to bring in some other people to get your business up and running”


So true and so often ignored!

Ok, that’s just one.There are a lot of other things that are an “absolute must”  BEFORE you start ANYTHING.

But here is not the place to talk about them.

It’s  About US right?

Who we are:

We are Alex & Vassil, not the regular “successful online marketers

more like “serial” entrepreneurs with ups and downs over the years.

We are The Curious Curators Team

Why so?

You see, we are both born behind the so-called “Iron Curtain”   (hit the Wikipedia here) in communist Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, The Balkan Peninsula.

In the late 80’s and the beginning of 90’s the communist’s regime has fell down, sort of “Give Up” ( not really though) and the world has revealed to us too. We have learned about the World Wide Web, Personal Computers, Coca-Cola, Levi’s, and other stuff 🙂


Hell Yeah!

I even remember the “pre-Internet” world too!

Can you believe it? 🙂

Anyway, I can tell you with absolute confidence that I personally (along with my friend and business partner Vassil ) made every possible (and a couple of nearly impossible) mistakes that anyone can think of!

Although in the real world we were extremely experienced – I don’t know if some of you younger fellows can imagine what was to live in Eastern Europe in the early 90’s  we were easy prey for the big sharks..sooo easy… learned the lessons on a hard way. A lot of dollars (that we didn’t own) spend and countless hours at front of the computer screen trying to understand “how the *@%$#$%^#$^ are they doing that!!!”

Finally, we realized our big mistake- we don’t have to do it alone! There are cool guys out there too! They really want to help you!

 It’s kind of hard to believe when you are born in a society that was built upon distrust and betrayal.

I bet you are getting bored by now so I’ll keep it short – we have decided to make this site with beginner entrepreneurs in mind.

Our purpose is to keep ourselves up to date with the latest tendencies in the Online Entrepreneurship and having a lot of useful recourses in one place, so we can help  (if needed) starting entrepreneurs to avoid our mistakes.

For sure there are a lot of sites like this, a lot better too.

For sure we have a lot more mistakes to do in future,  a lot of things to learn.


Every day that we are still here, doing what we do and don’t give up we’re getting a little closer to the main goal that is maybe different in details for everyone and yet the same –



With that said, for OUR MUTUAL Success,

we invite you to join us for a ride of chasin’ the Lady Luck,

Pursuing  Happiness,

Exploring New, Exciting Things

That You Didn’t Know Yesterday,

Working On The

21st Century Klondike 

The world of Internet Entrepreneurship! 

Can I get Haaallelujah





Really guys, sorry for the cheesy talks above but I really couldn’t help it 🙂

Still so much crap in MMO niche and every day new people coming…desperate ones, (maybe some of them are lazy) to make some extra cash, and they see a guy that says –

“Come On, Just Put Your Email Below!

I’ll Tell You Exactly How You Can Win Thousands

Upon Thousands

Upon Thousands…

 It’s FREE” 

You know what’s happens next.

Poor fellow give his last cash, collecting the next Shiny Object, the day after he is already forgotten about it,

mesmerized by the GURUS of Internet Marketing and talented copywriters

and  this sure-fire “Get Rich Fast” method

goes somewhere under

Thousands Upon

Thousands Upon


of other shiny promises…

and it never ends!

Yeah…that’s exactly what has happened to me. You may say “What were you thinking” and you will have right…but I really believed those guys…I just didn’t realize how much work there is to be done in order to make money online.

It is true that it’s not hard to make money online- It’s tricky!

You got to know your stuff! 

But now those days are long behind me.I’ve survived the

Shiny Object Syndrome.

But still every day I’m getting thousands ( literally) of emails and they are the same! For sure there are some people that are still buying it. Why? Because not enough people are telling the truth! I’m not some wealthy marketer, I’m not an Authority Figure in Online Marketing, I did not quit my job nor I’m intended to because I have my dream job already! But I have learned a lot of things, I like to play this game too! I enjoy the SEO, building websites, making some Facebook advertising, all that stuff, you know it’s FUN! There will be always marketers and customers, trading goods, the stock market, the never-ending cash flow worldwide, all the time there are new opportunities everywhere around us…it is wonderful!  And yet some rotten apples destroying all this beauty just for making them good…or I don’t know why. It’s not hard to lie a lot of people, but this doesn’t mean that you must do it, right?

I suppose that’s all from us for now

…it’s more than actually our first intend was but some things just got to be said!

It’s not OK in the 21st Century to exploit people’s ignorance to your benefit.


He just can not stop talking right 🙂


This will be one of my New Years wishes
 – learn when to stop!

It’s not enough that

It is so hard for me

( not native English speaker,

as most of you have already noticed )

to write a meaningful “About Us” page

but I can’t stop once I begin…

Actually, it is hard to write anything at all but I’m trying didn’t I 🙂

One last thing before I let you dive into our slightly un-organized site – you may encounter various

Affiliate links


but not so much.


 There is Only ONE thing that I can and will truly recommend!

Not affiliate product by the way,

(I bought the rights so it’s mine!)



It is called Profit Canvas

The All in one software suite Profit Canvas Product Box Graphic

Maybe you have heard for it by now, maybe you’re not.

I really believe that this is a wonderful piece of software, made and maintained by a really wonderful guy,

But what is exactly Profit Canvas?   

 Profit Canvas is an all-in-one marketing suite that builds landing pages


And “Yes” I know that there are many page builders on the market, but believe me- this is something different!

You got to check it yourself.

I will not say a word anymore!


there is nothing left to say here

but to wish you luck 

in all your endeavors and

hope that you will find something

valuable browsing through the content

of our humble site! 





The Profit Agency Team a.k.a. Curious Curators  

Alex & Vassil

Professional Trombone Player
Professional Poker Player

no needs to quit our jobs.just want some extra cashNo needs to quit our jobs!just want some extra cash

P.S.If you have some comments, suggestions, complains or irresistible need for lavish sponsorship-please check our Contact page A.S.A.P. 🙂

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