34 Tips For Blogging

These tips are an advanced part in the tips for increasing traffic. This article includes 34 tips for blogging that are helpful to newbie bloggers to develop their blog and generate revenue from it. All Tips are illustrated in simplest method.

1. Set up a self hosted blog. If you can not afford hosting try free hosting
2. Get an attractive theme for your blog
3. Get an attractive logo for the blog
4. Promote the blog as much as you can.
5. Write solid, unique and quality content
6. Write Killer Blog posts
7. Post in your niche
8. Post Frequently. If you are on a holiday prefer advance posting
9. Comment on other blogs
10. Encourage Comments
11. Enable Email subscriptions on feedburner
12. Hold An awesome contest
13. Participate in contests
14. Do Guest posts
15. Do Link Exchange
16. Build An Email List Of your own
17. Join Forums – Digital Point
18. Join Twitter, Face book and other sites
19. Be An Optimist
20. Be a Hard Worker
21. Be An Honest Blogger
22. Do SEO check analysis on meta tag analyzer
23. Read other blogs
24. Encourage other bloggers by helping them
25. Finally Work Smart, not Hard
26. Post in forums with your signature.
27. Be an affiliate
28. Add your URL in all outgoing emails.
29. Update your blog / website regularly due to "content is the King"
30. Tag your posts at delicious.
31. Submit posts to all social bookmarking sites like digg
32. Add photos to blog and submit them at Flickr
33. Ask your readers to subscribe to your feed.
34. Encourage your readers to comment on your blog.If they do not comment, no problem you comment on their blog because comment acts as a backlink.

Source by Salman Baig

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