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Find out what hundreds of happy teachers have used to…

Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days After This Former Hiring Manager Reveals What You’ll Be Asked On The Interview And Shows You The BEST Answers!”

“Not just a qualified teacher, but an EMPLOYED one…”

“Mark’s guide was absolutely indispensable in finding a teaching job—even though I’m in London and it was written for the US!

Teaching jobs, especially PE teaching, are hard to come by in the UK, so you need to be right at the top to get a good job.

This guide gave me all the information I needed, from what to wear at an interview to what to say – and how to say it.

With the tips this guide gave me I changed the whole way I went about applying for jobs – it made an INSTANT difference.

And the confidence Mark’s guide has given me will stand me in very good stead in my new career.”

—Sarah Smith, Manchester, England, Uk

From the desk of Mark Fredman, Retired Teacher and Interviewer

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You’ve poured years of blood, sweat and tears into preparing to teach….

You burned the midnight oil studying.

You consumed countless cups of coffee to stay awake during classes.

And you know in your heart you’re one of the good ones, don’t you?

Kids Need Good Teachers Like You—
But There’s One Thing Standing In Your Way…

The teaching job interview.

…where you have to outshine hundreds of other applicants…

…while every last one of them is doing their dead-level best to rip that teaching job right out of your hands.

How do I know?  Because I was on the other side of the interview table for 28 years.

That’s right, I hired teachers.

I asked the tough, open-ended questions.

I probed deeply into people’s backgrounds, into their motivations…

And time and time again, I saw bright candidates just like you struggle and miss out because they weren’t simply weren’t prepared.

They didn’t realize that…

Competition Is Stiff For Teaching Jobs Because…

Let’s face it, the economy is raggedy-rough these days, isn’t it?

More and more people are being laid off from corporate jobs.  And many of them are going into teaching.

Maybe you’re one of them…and that’s great because teaching is a very rewarding career.

But as a former teacher and hiring manager, I can tell you it’s no piece of cake to get a job.

You’re up against some of the best and the brightest.  To stand out and get the job, you’ve got to have an edge. 

It’s not enough anymore just to have a certification and a burning desire to help kids.  You’ve got to ace the interview.

To Become A Teacher, You Must Be Prepared To Confidently Answer Interview Questions Like…

“Tell me how you’d deal with this discipline situation…”

I remember asking that to a candidate who didn’t have the best credentials.  I thought it would weed him out.

But guess what?  He answered it flawlessly…along with the next question.

You know the part where the interviewer asks if you have any questions?  He was dead-on with thoughtful questions that showed he was competent, caring and committed.

And yes, he got the job!

Why?  Because he knew enough to prepare for the interview.

Even though he wasn’t as qualified as the other twenty candidates.  Yes, you read that right…I said TWENTY candidates.

So Why Should You Listen To Me? Because…

I’ve spent 28 years on the other side of the interview desk.  I’ve asked thousands of candidates tough questions.

…and make many other mistakes that could have been avoided if they’d only known what I was going to ask and how best to answer.

But you want to know what really got to me?

I had to turn down candidates with great credentials. Why?  Because they simply weren’t prepared for the interview.

Here were people I knew could do the job, yet protocol and policies required me to document the interview.

And quite frankly, they’d blown their chance at a teaching career. 

All because they simply weren’t prepared.

Meanwhile, I sat helpless as less-qualified candidates breezed through because they knew exactly how to respond to almost every question.

It wasn’t fair!  And it might happened to you, so I need to ask you…

Are You Prepared? Can You Confidently Answer…

1. Questions on classroom discipline and dealing with parents?

2. Questions about your experience and your background?

3. Tricky situational type questions of every type?

4. Behavioral type questions of all kinds?

5. Technical questions on use of computers and technology in classrooms?

6. All the questions that start with “Why”, “How”, and “When”?

…and do you know the questions the interviewer expects YOU to ask?

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know…most of the best teacher applicants I ever saw weren’t prepared for those questions.

So I decided to level the playing field!

I sat down and poured out everything I know about the interview.

Every tip…every question…and all the do’s and don’ts that will help you get a job quickly.

But you want to know what really got to me?

This is IT, the ebook that pulls back the curtain and shows you what you need to know to ace any teaching interview!

Imagine knowing in advance the most likely questions you’ll be asked on your interview…along with the best answers.

Wouldn’t that give you a huge advantage?

It’s like having your own personal hiring manager for an interview coach—you simply cannot lose!

This is THE one critical “must-have” resource that you need to get the teaching job of your dreams…to open the door to your new career

What’s in it?  Literally TONS of actual interview questions that are asked every single day by real interviewers…along with fully explained answers.

Each answer is a complete lesson in itself.  And you’ve got to know them because teaching is so competitive that one wrong answer will cost you the job…no matter how qualified you are.

Hey, I’ve been there, I know!  I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

Take a peek at some of the benefits you get …

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

And as if that’s not enough, you’ll also find out what insiders know about letters of recommendation and initial interview screenings, including…

…and much, much more, including hundreds of actual interview questions and answers that won teacher jobs for real candidates!

Sounds Great—How Much Does It Cost?

You’ve already invested tens of thousands of dollars in earning your degree and teaching certificate, and I respect that.

I want YOU to get the teaching job you deserve.

I’m not going to charge you any more than what you’d pay for an average college textbook.  And I’m going to reward self-starters who are ready to take immediate action.  Here’s how…

They may not know they have osteoporosis until a bone breaks from something as simple as sneezing.  In seniors, simply walking up a flight of steps can create a hairline fracture.

Because I want to get this into your hands as quickly as possible…and I want to make it affordable for everyday people who want to teach.

You want my best advice?  Snap this up NOW…because I can’t promise you’ll see this low price again next week, or even tomorrow.

This stuff works.  People in 70 different countries including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and India have got teacher jobs after reading my guide…and you will, too!

“I would recommend this guide to anyone!”

“When I wasn’t able to land a job for a year, I moved to the USA. I saw it as a land of opportunity, and thought that when I qualified to work as a teacher I’d land a job pretty much immediately. After many failed applications, I began to wonder.

I tried so many different approaches, and each one followed a similar pattern – optimism gave way to disappointment as, more often than not, I didn’t even get asked to an interview.

So I was delighted when I read ‘Teaching Job Interview Secrets!’ It showed me that I didn’t need to change what I was to get a job, just change the way I did things. When I found the tips so simple to understand and knew I could go into interviews feeling I had a head start – and I got a job!   I could see the interview panel were as enthusiastic as I was. I would recommend this guide to anyone.”

“I got my high school teaching job thanks to you!”

“Mark, I am a mother of 2 kids, and for over 2 years I was applying for teaching jobs here and there but I didn’t take it seriously. Thanks to the recession, my husband lost his job and I began my search for a teaching job all over again.

Then a friend of mine recommended your guide and I can say that I got my high school job thanks to you!

I owe you a lot. I’d definitely recommend your guides to anyone who’s serious about getting a lucrative teaching job.

Thank you so much Mark!”

—Mary Bethune, San Diego

This Is The “Must-Have-To-Get-The-Job” Guide For ALL Teaching Jobs—Not Just Public Schools…

You’ll gain a significant advantage over your competition if you are interviewing for…

What Are You Waiting For? There Is Absolutely NO Risk To You, Because…

I want you to feel completely comfortable in ordering “Teaching Job Interview Secrets”…so I’m taking ALL the risk.

I’m so confident you’ll get your dream teaching job within 30 days after reading “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” you have my iron-clad, 100% money-back guarantee for 60 full days.

“I got a call within a week !”

“First of all I want to thank you for your guides–I really needed a resource for teaching job preparation.

After reading your guide, I found out that I was replying to all those interview questions in the wrong way!

All the tips for lesson plans, demonstration lessons, cover letter and resumes helped a lot. I uploaded my resumes to the websites you recommend. I got a call within a week! And thanks to all of your tips, I beat 35 candidates and aced the interview!

Thanks a lot for providing such a valuable resource. I’d advise anyone to read this guide. God Bless You!”

—Alexa Grimm, New York

Still On The Fence About Ordering?

Let Me Turn It Into A Complete No-Brainer With FREE Special Bonuses You’ll Love…

Yes, you read that right!

When you order “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” right now, I’ll shower you with

8 big bonuses to boost your teaching interview success!

Take a look at what you’ll get…

Bonus #1 –  Resumes & Cover Letters For Teaching Jobs by Mark Fredman

All-in-one compilation of the ideal resumes and cover letters that you need to score that interview. Remember, this is half the battle – with so many people applying for teaching jobs, many qualified teachers never even get as far as the interview room.

Ace your interview and get the job by following our guide to writing the perfect cover letter and resume, whether you are looking to teach Art, Chemistry, Politics, Philosophy or Foreign Languages. In fact, there are examples for more than 45 subjects including…

Bonus #2 – Using Online Resources To Get A Teacher Job – Reliable Online Sites & Agencies
by Mark Fredman

Packed with information!  A fantastic list of job search sites and agencies that schools all over the world use to seek out the perfect candidates for the jobs they are offering.

Register with these sites and increase your chances of getting a job that pays well and offers real security! It includes lists of:

* The Top 10 Education Job Sites for UK Teaching Jobs
* The Top 12 Education Job Sites in the US
* The Top 12 Education Job Sites in Australia
* The Top 12 Education Job Sites in Canada
* The Top 5 Teaching Job Sites in Japan
* The Top 5 Teaching Job Sites in New Zealand
* The Top 15 International Teaching Job Sites (giving you a chance to see the world and get paid for it!)
* Detailed Instructions on How to Use the Best Online Resources to Find the Perfect Job.

Bonus #3 – Acing Any Job Interview
by Mark Fredman

This is YOUR ace in the hole!  I take you by the hand and walk you through all the steps of a teaching job interview. I’ll guide you step by step through how to prepare for & Ace Your Job Interview.

Highly Recommended For Anyone Having A Job Interview.

Bonus #4 – How To Teach By George Drayton Strayer & Naomi Norsworthy

Here’s what they don’t teach you in school about How To Teach.  I guide you through all the methods to avoid common pitfalls and teach successfully. Your students will love you for this!

You will learn about all the difficulties faced by teachers in teaching students. Here is your chance to learn from my vast experience and become a highly respected teacher yourself!

Bonus #5 – Successful Career Change

THE success book for the next decade.  “Successful Career Change” is a very popular ebook on ways to change your career successfully.

I have partnered with this ebook’s publishers to provide this free along with “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” Guide.

If you are looking to change your career and become a teacher, you will find this guide very useful!

Bonus #6 –  How to Find Work in the Federal Government

Completely loaded with all the information on the best ways to find work with the Federal Government, in convenient ebook format.

This is a valuable resource for every person looking for a high paying and respectable job with the Federal Government!.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the various rarely discussed methods you can use to Get Work with the Federal Government. How much a federal job is worth for you?

Bonus #7 – Professional Resumes & Cover Letters by Mark Fredman

You get ANOTHER great resumes and cover letter ebook and this one applies to every job interview—not just teaching jobs. Discover each and every single step on how to create a perfect resume and a cover letter.

You will find the world’s most successful resume and cover letter templates that you can use right away for any job application!

This is YOUR chance to make money from teaching without having to go into the formal setup of being a teacher – or supplement your normal teaching income by giving supplemental one-to-one or smaller group tutoring! 

With a supplemental guide on how to really succeed as a private tutor, this is worth as much as either of the additional teaching job guides with the advantage of really broadening your earning potential. I’m throwing this one in for free – even though with one hour of online tutoring you could pay for the whole package!

This is IT, folks, the most incredible package you’ll find ANYWHERE online, period.

It’s time to stop hesitating.

Bottom line, this is the real deal.

It’s worked for thousands of teachers.

…and I guarantee that once you get your hands on this package, you WILL get that teaching job!

Right now, click on the order link.  It’s the right choice.

You’ll be really glad you did after you start teaching.

” Helped Her Ace Her Interview And Land A Great Job”

“My wife Samantha finally got hired today! She is so happy, and I can’t tell you how much this means to both of us.

I work at Walmart, and my wife has been unemployed for 14 months. She’s been looking high and low for a teaching job, and luckily a friend of hers told her about your guides and they definitely helped her ace her interview and land a great job as 3rd grade teacher.

I’d like to thank you again on behalf of our family. If you happen to visit Houston anytime, do send me an email. We’d love to personally meet you.”

–Thank you,
Brian Jackson
Houston, Texas

OK, I’m Nearly Done Here But One More Thing…

Picture yourself waking up for a teaching interview.

You smile, knowing you’re more prepared than 95% of the other applicants…because you studied “Teaching Job Interview Secrets.”

You walk in there knowing exactly what to expect.  You hear questions that you’ve prepared for, and you give answers that make the committee smile and nod.

And then the call comes—you’re hired!  Won’t that feel great?

You know you want that job.

My guides will get you there.

It’s as simple as that.

Order yours now…because you deserve that great teaching career!

Wishing you the best of success,

P.S. Remember, you risk NOTHING by ordering.  If you’re not completely satisfied, email me at [email protected] within 60 days of ordering and I’ll happily refund every last cent of your money.  I truly want you to be happy and to succeed…so order right now with no worries!

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P.P.S.  Don’t forget, you get my special FREE bonus material as my way of thanking you for ordering.  I can’t promise how long I’ll keep giving away all 8 bonuses so if you want ‘em, get ‘em by ordering right this very minute.

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Click here to get Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.