Home Business Tips – How Long Until I See Results?

“How long until I see results?”


This is one of the most common questions asked by home business owners who are just starting out. This article is going to try to supply some meaningful answers to this question.

I have to be honest. Whenever somebody asks me this question, and it happens often, I am stuck somewhere between a smile and a sigh. A smile because it’s asked so often and a sigh because the answer isn’t what people want to hear. The truth is, there is absolutely no way to tell. And anybody who tries to guess is a fool at best and giving dangerous advice at worst.

Okay, but why is this question impossible to answer? That’s where, hopefully, I’ll be able to give you some answers that WILL be of use to you and WILL actually help you with your home business.

At the top of the list is your own ability to run a home business. Contrary to that saying (and I have no idea where it actually comes from) not all men are created equal. Some are smarter than others, some work harder than others, and, like it or not, some have more money to invest in their business than others. All of these factors are going to contribute to how quickly you’ll see results.

Then we have the issue of the actual market you’re tackling itself. Some markets are wide open and others are highly competitive. Some have a great demand and others have very little demand. Some have very little free info available and some have a ton of free info available. All of these factors are going to contribute to how quickly you’ll see results, if at all. In a very competitive market, where you’re going up against sites with seven figure a year advertising budgets, you’ll be lucky to see a dime come in let alone a significant income.

And finally, there is something called being in the right place at the right time. Some markets will be viable one day and then, because of new technology or something else, are dead the next day. Think of all the products and services that have come and gone over the years. That’s why you always have your best chance if you target a market that is evergreen. The downside to doing that is that there will probably be a lot of competition in that market.

So the answer to this question, “how long until I see results?” is simple. There is just no way of knowing given all the variables involved. Having said that, if you’re not seeing at least some income come in within six months, you’re probably not going to. That has been my experience.

And even that isn’t written in stone.